March Minutes

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March Minutes

Postby Jimmiej450 » Mon Mar 10, 2014 4:28 pm

Bakersfield Trailblazers Meeting Minutes
Date: 3/6/2014
Place: Rocket Shop Cafe
Meeting Called to Order By:
Guests and Visitors: Dave, Debbie, Matt, 90 YJ, Chris, 09 JK, Matt 87YJ,
Trip Reports: Bill R. RobertY, Jeremy @ Ridgecrest, URF everyone but Robert rolled, Bill R fell over backwards filming with his GoPro. Matt went to TDS, won a set of Racing Wheels any style, size, was very dusty.
Minutes of Previous Meeting: Approved as corrected.
Treasurers Report:
Beginning Balance:
Ending Balance:
Old Business: Local Dues payable in May, and CAL4Wheel due in June.
Eileen will check on moving banks.
Need to refurb Defibrilator, and check supplies. Mike ? will check. In progress
Elections will be in May,
Burn Survivor Camp April 26 Before 9 am.
Grant money available, no ideas presented.
Report on meeting improvement: Tabled
New Business: Need to have Fundraiser meeting. 3rd Wed of month, 7pm @ Coco’s.
Change meeting to 2nd Wed? Tabled
Upcoming Trips: Moab, Oct 3-12; Swamp Lake 8-10 Aug; Rubicon 4-7 Aug; Dusey ? Last Chance Mar 22, Meet @ Jack in Box Weedpatch & 58 @ 7:30 leave @ 8 am;
Upcoming Events: Mar 26 6 pm. Meet & Greet @ G&G 4310 Fruitvale.
Raffle: 4x4 XRac & CB mount: Ken P, Flashlight Dave Hess
Adjourned at: 8:45
Jim Johnston
Black XJ

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