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Re: Bill's Early Bronco build

Postby Bill » Tue Aug 15, 2017 10:31 am

How I got free Wilwood brakes calipers: after struggling for days it was decided that I have to get different calipers or switch to some form of different brakes . They make a 1 1/2 inch bore master cylinder but it positively would not fit under my hood. After speaking to Wilwood I find out they make a twin piston caliper called a D52 which directly replaces the JB6's . Strangely enough they also make a rear version of the typically front JB6's . It's called "special application ", they have little tiny pistons to maintain the front to rear brake bias and eliminates the need for a proportional valve . Discouraged , disappointed and depressed. I go into my office to pay my last payment on a cruise my was paying for through Costco travel . The last payment was 1800 . While on the phone I asked , before I pay will you please check to see if there are any specials that may have come about . After a pause , she came back and said the the cruise line is giving 400 on board credit and they had reduced the price of the cruise by 800. Which happens to be the exact price of the new Wilwood calipers that I previously could not afford. After hanging up I immediately called and ordered the calipers . I walked into my office to pay for a cruise . I walked out having paid for a cruise and buying new brakes . The brakes were definitely free.


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