January 2021 Minutes (unapproved)

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January 2021 Minutes (unapproved)

Postby Big Jon » Fri Jan 08, 2021 8:00 pm


DATE: 1-06-2021
Meeting was called to order by President Jeremy Rowell @7:05PM.

Mike Margarity was present at the meeting.

Approval of the minutes for the 12-2-2020 was tabled until the February meeting.

No Report

Tom reported 15 rigs made a trip to Freeway Ridge. They removed seven trees from the trail. Ran into a tree too big to remove from trail. Going to have to wait for another day to remove tree with chain saw. Jesse broke a front end trying to pull log off trail. Dave and Jesse turned around and headed home. Jeremy asked if anyone is available Sunday, January 10, to go to Freeway Ridge to cut trees? Information to be posted on our facebook page.

Jared and Dave went up the Narrows, east of Bull Head City, AZ.

Rob made a trip back to the fire area. Area is really charred. Hard to believe how devastating fire can be. A lot of the trails we use were spared.

Travis reported a group went to Ranger station and pick up supplies to put up fence at Miller Staging area. Put up T-posts and strung wire. Miller Lockwood closed right now. Sherman Trail is also closed.

Prospectors 4X4 Crawl to be held 4-10-2021. There will be no dinner offered.
After a discussion with the members about charge for event, there was a motion by Dave Hess, Second by Jen Utt to charge $40.00 for registration. There was some concern about the raffle. Jeremy said he would do the best he can. It was also suggested we contact the Membership Chairman for the Central District about the possibility of setting up a membership booth to gain some new members for the Association. Jeremy will reach out to see if this is a possibility.
Rob, Jared, Travis, Tom volunteered to lead trail trips. Shirts were also discussed. It was decided that the shirts will be long sleeve and gray-heather color.

The five year plan has been released. The recommendation for the 5 year Phase out Plan is to remove OHV from ODSVRA . It is critical for everyone to call into these meetings and to rally everyone you know to speak up at the March 18 special meeting. There is link to speak up under Public Comments at the January 13-14 Coastal Commission Meetings. https://www.coastal.ca.gov/meetings/agenda/#/2021/1 VOICES DO MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!!!!!!

Jeremy suggested we become a member of CORVA. There are a lot of advantages to becoming a member. We will need 10 active members to join CORVA. The cost to join as individual member is $40.00 per year. You can join on line at Corva.org. Please let Jeremy know if you have joined or if you are all ready a member.

If you plan on going into Hammer Town, you will need a Covid test.
There is a conflict of dates with the Hammers and our February meeting. Dave moved, Rob second, we move our monthly meeting to February 10, 2021. Motion carried.

Mike Magarity reported Bald Mountain is open. Use the trail carefully. Wait until trail dries out. All other trails are closed. Use the Dinky side. Only go to tower.
Moonlight Madness June 25, 26, 27, 2021. They are considering $40.00 pre registration, $65 or $70 on site. CA4WDC , there has been no change since his last report.

Jeremy asked for suggestions for club runs for the coming year. Those mentioned were: beach run, Panamint Valley February 13-15, 2021. Staying at Ballarat, Mojave trail was also suggested.

There being no further business, Dave made a motion to adjourn the meeting Jon second. Meeting was adjourned at 8:42.

Respectfully submitted,
Marge Aichele, Secretary

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