Minutes Novemb 4, 2020 (unaproved)

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Minutes Novemb 4, 2020 (unaproved)

Postby Big Jon » Fri Nov 06, 2020 2:38 pm


DATE: 11-4-2020
Meeting was called to order by President Jeremy Rowell @ 7:06

There were no guests present.

See Attached

No Report

1. Members discussed donations to be made to CA4WD and other organizations. Jeremy will make some inquiries and give a report at the next meeting.

2. Calico 2021. Jeremy sent out an email offering a few different ways we could still have the event. He was concerned that even if everything returned to normal, there would not be time to put together the raffle. Upon a vote by the membership, the second proposal was accepted. Calico 2020 will be held April 10, 2021.

Jen requested a check made out to Relay for Life in Memory of Chris Earl. Approval for $500.00 was voted on at the February meeting. Dave will send a check.

Ken, Gina, Richard and Pttti visited Panamint Valley area. They had a great time.
Richard went wheeling at Sand Hollow, UT. Unfortunately, his trip was cut short by a broken front axle.

Dave is leading a run at Panamint Valley Days. He asked if anyone else is planning to attend, please contact him .

Jared reported Oceano Dunes are now opened with restrictions (street vehicles only). Not sure when phase 2 & 3 will be implemented. The only hint we have so far is State Parks says they will be monitoring the situation to see how things go the next few weeks. It’s a start.

American Off Road is having a Turkey Run, 11/21/2020, to the homeless shelter. Meet at Off Road with your frozen turkeys @ 8:00am.

There was a good turnout. Camp ground was sold out. People were camping in Odessa Canyon. October is a challenging month for an event in Calico.
We were not able to hold the raffle in the parking lot. Moved the raffle to an area outside of the Park. Signs were put up giving direction to attendees. There were no problems, a great group of people attended the raffle.
The raffle went well. See Dave’s report. Dave moved, second by Jon, we send the Stewards of the Sequoia a check in the amount of $6214.00. Motion carried. Runs were well attended. There was a roll over on the Mule Canyon Run. The driver received gashes and hurt his shoulder. Vehicle was recovered and driven out. Richard suggested we may want to make more people aware of the Friday night run. Jeremy thanked everyone for their help.

There being no further business, a motion made by Tami, Second by Jon, the meeting was adjourned @ 8:18

Respectfully submitted,
Marge Aichele, Secretary

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