October 2018 Meeting Minutes

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October 2018 Meeting Minutes

Postby Richard Abruzzo » Tue Nov 13, 2018 6:55 pm

Date: October 3, 2018
Place: Rocket Shop Cafe
Meeting Called to Order By: Jeremy
Time: 7:30 pm

Introduction of Guest(s):

Jeremy opened meeting with welcome greeting, appreciation for meeting attendance and with introductions of 2 visitors and no new members.

Trip Report(s):

Reported by: Date Where # of Rigs Incidents/Observations

Frazier Park

Avocado Festival/Coyote Tower trails were pretty mild

37s felt small because road holes were bigger
Dan & Kurt
Fwy Ridge


Good conditions, lots of campers

Richard & Patti/Ken & Gina Lone Pine 2 Good conditions, stayed in hotel

Minutes of Previous Meeting: Special Reports/Guest Speaker
• Minutes submitted for Approval None
• Changes, None
• Motion made by Joe, second by Ryan
• Approved: YES

Cash/Checking/Savings: 6,517.77
Accounts Receivable: 60.00
Other Current Assets: 290.48
Total Current Assets: 6,868.25
Liabilities: 0
Equity 6,868.25
Treasurers Report:
• Financial Report provided by Richard Abruzzo.
• As of October 2, 2018:

New Business:
1. Shirts: Some still available. Contact Jeremy if interested.
2. Panamint Valley Days 11/9-11: Jack reported that the event dinner is cancelled.

Old Business:

1. First Aid Kit Update: Mariah is working on medicine replacement and will submit a cost at next meeting.

Ideas for Next Year:

1. China Gardens: Possibility it can reopen in a Gate Keeper style.
2. Possible Moab Trip: General duration 1 week. Not during annual Easter Jeep Safari event due to overcrowding. Suggested dates, September 27 through October 6, 2019.

Upcoming Runs and Events:

Event Place Date Meeting Place Meeting Time
Possible Local Runs Oct 21
Oct 27 Last Chance Canyon?
Miller Trail Night Run? TBD
Veteran’s Parade Nov 12 Application submitted TBD
Christmas Party Dec 8 Rocket Shop $20 per person includes tip & tax. $300 suggested for Christmas Party prizes/decor 5:30 pm
Calico April 6-7 Motion by Jen to approve purchase of campsite for ticket sales (2 nights) and signs to alleviate excessive foot traffic, second by Rob. Motion carried.

• Motion made by Joe, second by Candy and carried to adjourn meeting.
• Time: 8:13 pm

Minutes prepared by Leslie Terrell

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