August 2018 Meeting Minutes

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August 2018 Meeting Minutes

Postby Richard Abruzzo » Thu Sep 13, 2018 3:59 pm

Date: August 1, 2018
Place: Rocket Shop Cafe
Meeting Called to Order By: Jeremy
Time: 7:30 pm

Introduction of Guest(s):

Jeremy opened meeting with welcome greeting and appreciation for meeting attendance and with introductions of 4 visitors, Kirk, Dennis, Jason and Ryan. No new members.

Trip Report(s):

Reported by: Date Where # of Rigs Incidents
Ryan Rubicon Difficult run, mostly JK’s; Flipped rig; broken axles; 100-150 rigs overall at participating at event and/or watching issues; chaos on trail w/people moving rocks etc. Recommend mid-week run next trip.
Kirk Rubicon Front Group – lots of dings, scrapes and other damage; overall breaks: 6 tires, transfer case, 2 axles, mirrors
Jeremy Rubicon Nice spots reserved for other clubs that never showed; if hungry or not well, pull over so club members can assist; Reminder on tough runs like Rubicon, 1) don’t test driver on these, 2) be sure to have a spare tire, 3) always watch rig in front and back of you to ensure we stay together.
Rob Swamp, Red Lake, Gate Keeper & Coyote

Minutes of Previous Meeting:
• Minutes submitted for Approval
• Changes?
• Motion made by Inga, second by Chris
• Approved: YES x NO

Special Reports/Guest Speaker

Treasurers Report:
• Financial Report provided by Richard Abruzzo.
• As of July 31, 2018:
Checking: $ 6568.19
Petty Cash: $77.08
Due from PayPal $130.48
Total Assets: $6,775.75
Liabilities: $0.00
Equity: $6,775.75

New Business:
1. Welder: Anyone planning a run can check out First Aid Kit and Welder for the trip by contacting Jeremy.
2. Nightmare Gulch closure letter: Chris to draft response, Jeremy can send bullet points.

Old Business:

1. Appropriation of funds: Request by Joe to consider partial funds to sponsor Stewards of the Sequoias membership(s). Jeremy to come back with report.
2. Fwy Ridge: Possible boulder down reported; Jeremy looking into access.

Ideas for Next Year:

1. China Gardens: Possibility it can reopen in a Gate Keeper style
2. Possible Moab Trip: General duration 1 week. Not during annual Easter Jeep Safari event due to overcrowding.

Upcoming Runs and Events:

Event Place Date Meeting Place Meeting Time
Bald Mtn High Sierra Poker Run Aug 31 – Sept 1 Saturday run for Trailblazers Club
We lead easy Poker Run on Sunday at Bald Mtn TBD
Christmas Party Dec 8 Rocket Shop $20 per person includes tip & tax. Motion by Joe to have at Rocket Shop seconded by Neil. 5:30 pm

• Motion made by Joe, seconded and carried to adjourn meeting.
• Time: 8:50 pm

Minutes prepared by Leslie Terrell

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