January 2018 Meeting Minutes

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January 2018 Meeting Minutes

Postby Richard Abruzzo » Thu Feb 08, 2018 11:34 am

Date: 1/3/18
Place: Rocket Shop Cafe
Meeting Called to Order By: Jeremy
Time: 7:33

Introduction of Guest:
• Jeremy opens meeting welcome greeting and appreciation for meeting attendance and with introductions of 5 new guests.
• Trip Reports:
Reported by: Date Where # of Rigs Incidents
Chris Kernville
Bryan Borderline

Minutes of Previous Meeting:
• Minutes submitted for Approval – Patty/Chris
• Motion Made by_Patty_____ second_Joe_
• Approved: YES

Special Reports/Guest Speaker
Society for Disable Children event 3/3/2018- all proceeds go to SDC.

Treasurers Report

Richard Abruzzo gave financial report
Balance $ 3,963.76 in checking as of 1/2/2018
Other assets; $225.00
Total: $4,241.36
Petty cash: $52.60

New Business:

• Solicitation letter still need
• Richard will donate tires and wheels for the full traction ramp

Old Business:
• Talked about the Ronald Mc Donald house venture and the Child Guidance deliveries- All went well and people enjoyed both events.
• Calico
• Christmas party was fun- we ended up in the whole a few hundred dollars though.. people enjoyed the location, the food and the entertainment
• Order for club: hats, V-necks, Cozies and possibly more.

Upcoming Runs and Events:

Event Place Date Meeting Place Meeting Time

• (Joe) Motion made, seconded and carried to adjourn meeting.
• Time: ______8:35____pm

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