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Postby Jeremyrowell » Tue Sep 12, 2017 4:01 pm

September 6, 2017
Place: Rocket Shop Cafe
Meeting Called to Order By: Jeremy
Time: 7:30

Introduction of Guest:
• Jeremy opens meeting welcome greeting and appreciation for meeting attendance and with introductions of 2 new guests. John and Bruce
Trip Reports:
Reported by: Date Where # of Rigs Incidents
Dave and John Saturday Sherman 8 Cut 109 trees
Travis Thursday Coyote 11 No Problems
Chris Labor day Bald Mountain 8 Best club participation award. Chris had best poker hand. Oldest drive.
Jeremy 4
Sierra Poker Run
Minutes of Previous Meeting:
• Minutes submitted for Approval
• Changes?
• Motion Made by______John second__Ryan___________________
• Approved: YES x NO

Special Reports/Guest Speaker

Treasurers Report:
• Richard Abruzzo gave financial report.
Balance $ $4,562.08 in checking account as of September 5, 2017 Other Assets: 521.82
Liabilities: 0
Total Equity:$4,890.30
Petty Cash: $unknown

New Business:

• Christmas party- Candy reported on available venues. Don Pericos on White Lane will fit us, however have to wait until first of November to book it. Will check on Crest, Coconut Joes and Salty’s

• Calico- Ryan Deep Pit- Patty Dinner boss- Rob Run boss- Jeremy Raffle boss
• Each member to acquire $25.00 gift each for Calico raffles
• Money to spend- people want hats and ladies t-shirts ( v-necks)

Old Business:
1. Miller is open
2. Sherman -tight
3. Bradshaw borderline
Upcoming Runs and Events:

Event Place Date Meeting Place Meeting Time
Goat Fest 11/17 Johnson Valley
Last chance night
( off our rockers) Sat 9/11 Pending on snow levels

Possible Sherman run coming up
Veterans Day Parade Sat November 11th
Johnson Valley.
In October possibly the 20th

• (Joe) Motion made, seconded and carried to adjourn meeting.
• Time: ______8:45____pm

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