February Minutes

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February Minutes

Postby Jimmiej450 » Wed Feb 12, 2014 10:15 pm

Bakersfield Trailblazers Meeting Minutes
Date: 2/12/2014
Place: Rocket Shop Cafe
Meeting Called to Order By: Mike Kunz
At: 7:31
Guests and Visitors: Mike & Lana, 99 XJ: Brian Frank, 73 Bronco; Jay Simpson & Matt, 90 YJ, Dan, 77 FJ 40,
Trip Reports: King of the Hammers, Wayne, Mike, Cliff ran several runs before & after.
Minutes of Previous Meeting: Held over
Treasurers Report:
Beginning Balance: 1751.16
Income: 0
Expenditures: $15 (Service Charge)
Ending Balance: $1736.16
Old Business: Membership Committee Report Held over
Car Club Council, held over.
New Business: Need to start working on Dues and CAL4Wheel. Due in June.
Elaine will check on moving banks.
Need to refurb Defibrilator, and check supplies. Mike ? will check.
Elections will be in May, Mike K’s house may sell sooner.
Burn Survivor Camp April 26 want us to do trip again.
Mike reported on Grant money available email Mike with ideas.
Upcoming Trips: Tierra Del Sol next month. In Salton Sea area. Matt & Scouts West will camp @ Truckhaven Feb 28-Mar 2. Try to open Miller in March. Moab in Oct. Rubicon run several are interested.
Upcoming Events: CAL4Wheel Convention next week in Visalia. 26 February - BLM meeting on Keysville area,
Raffle: Gift Certificates for Rhino Lining won by Mike Grey and David Hess.
Adjourned at: 8:27
Jim Johnston
Black XJ

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