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Letter writing campaign

Postby Jeremyrowell » Mon Apr 30, 2018 6:52 pm

Please, Please, Please take 10 minutes to HANDWRITE a letter!

Call to Action
Your help is needed on an important issue
Please write a letter on this issue.
Handwritten letters are seen as representing thousands of people with your view
Your voice can make a difference. Take Action NOW

Nightmare Gulch Public Lands Issue -
In 2013 Nightmare Gulch route was closed to historic motorized, supposedly due to a mud slide.
Five years later the route is still closed and State Parks will not say what the exact problem is or how it might be fixed. They have no documentation supporting the need for this long term closure.
For more information, reference the handouts or go to Stewards website-
www. StewardsOfTheSequoia.org

Reasons to Oppose the Nightmare Gulch Closure to historic motorized use:
• It was a temporarily closed supposedly due to a mud slide, but 5 years later it is still closed an no specific reason for the closure has been provided to the public
• The route is no longer blocked. Vehicles could use it except that it remains closed.
• State Parks is required to disclose specific problems and how they can be fixed, but 5 years after the closure they still have failed to do so.
Personalize this letter. Include the above issues that you agree with.

Dear Elected Official,
Your help is needed to get Nightmare Gulch route reopened to historical motorized use.

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