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January- 2012

Call to Order: 7:38 p.m. President Richard Gauthier conducted the meeting

 Welcome New Guests:

None present

 Trip Reports:

Mike C. - CB109 , about 17 rigs, 3 clubs, amazing weather, very clear with great visibility.  River bed to no where, no challenges unless you wanted them.  There was a Cherokee on the run that banged the fuel tank which ended up dislodging the fuel pump which gave people time to chat while they tried a trail fix.  Eventually they had to trailer it out.

Matt W. went as well and got friendly with a rock in his orange Scout.  A little dusty but very much like beach weather.  Got up to about 6000 feet and then the temperature dropped to about 40 degrees.  Old oil pan alley was more like a drive way.  The area just before Oil Pan Alley was a little challenging.  There were some trails closed up that direction so be sure that you are vocal about what you use and try to keep them open.

 Christmas Party - Thank you to Randy and Sandy Worley for hosting, everyone had a wonderful time.     

Approval of Meeting Minutes.  - Motioned and approved by Joe and Eileen. 

Treasurers Report: $1770.94 beginning balance.  $1715.53 ending balance.

Eileen would like to start collecting membership dues around March to avoid change of officers so that collection is done and easier. 

Old Business:

Changing fundraiser.  Make it a local event with a BBQ and raffle on a Saturday and then trail runs on Sunday.  Involve all types off off-roaders/those who use the trails so that the event is more inclusive.  We need volunteers for trail leaders, food, raffle, set up, PR, etc.  Looked into having it at a park but then we run into higher cost with insurance requirements and permits.  Valley Cycle is interested in becoming involved.  Do a booth type thing on Saturday with Stewards of the Sequoias involved, tread lightly, local off-road clubs, horsemen, cycles, etc.  We would like to get Kevin McCarthy’s involvement as he is a crucial go between with the Stewards to get some of the land re-opened.  Steering committee will meet Wednesday’s at Coco’s on Rosedale Hwy. weekly for the next month at 7:00pm.  We need to get the full club involved decide menu’s, get out letters etc.  Sign up sheet went around the room for everyone to put down how they would like to be involved.  We are currently looking at dates around the end of April or beginning of May.  The biggest issue is getting the entire club involved and having committee chairs.  Doug kindly nominated Scott and Joe :)  If we are to keep the event local on private property we should only have to worry about a health permit.  We are looking to educate about the land use issues and promote our club.

 New Business:

T-Shirts - it was decided that it is time for a T-Shirt order.  Another sign up sheet went around the room for requests of type and size.  It was motioned by Eileen and seconded by Doug that we stick with the traditional blue for the shirts.  

Bring your own first aid kits, Mike still has the clubs kit for update.

Upcoming Runs/Events:

Cal 4 Wheel Convention February 24 & 25.  Please go to Cal 4 Wheel and review the upcoming by law changes and bring up issues or speaking points for Randy to speak to.

Tierra Del Sol 50th anniversary for the event.  This will be huge, if you have never been it is amazing.  1st weekend of March and is the 2nd largest off-road event in the country.

King of the Hammers - First week of February.  Richard’s race is February 5th (stock and mods).  The following Tuesday and Wednesday (7 and 8) will be the time trails for starting positions as well as runs for last chance entires.  The whole week will be filled and there will be TONS of people so come out for the fun and to cheer Richard on.

Infectious Off-road Newb/Ball & Chain Run January 21 and January 22 at Hungry Valley SVRA.  The run is meant to teach those new to the sport and give the significant others a chance to drive and or learn the ropes.  There is camping available or you can come up for the day, either way it is a lot of fun.  More info available at infectiousoffroad.com.

Central District Meeting is this weekend. (Jan 7?)

Joe and Doug are making a run to Shaver Lake to get Scott’s rig.


FEB 2012

Call to Order: 7:31 p.m. Vice President Mike Kunz conducted the meeting

Welcome New Guests:

Austin Rome ’94 Landcruiser

Trip Reports:

Mike C went to the Ball and Chain Run at Hungry Valley and had fun with the new obstacles and waterfall.  He would like to see more of us post up about future runs.

Frances and Justin went to the Ball and Chain Run as well .  Justin got to do a little wheeling and flexing but Frances did most of the driving.  She also did her first solo run on the trail dubbed as “Henry’s Crack”. 

Austin and Mike C. went on EP15 starting at the tunnel to Burrow Schmidt and through Last Chance Canyon.

Mike K. ran Superstition.  Rollovers, broken tie rods.  He went up and down the sand dam a few times.  Gnarly rocks, sand and fun.

Approval of Meeting Minutes.  - Approved via the web post, the secretary re-printed December minutes and did not bring the hard copy of the January minutes.  Someone should do something about her :)

Treasurers Report: No report available.


Old Business:

Eileen took T-Shirt orders.

Offroad rally at Valley Cycle with an appearance by Kevin McCarthy still a go.  Please ensure to show your support as there is a bill we would like to see passed for opening some trails and to ensure we get the trail support we are after.  We need to show solidarity for the rally.  We should have a booth and we will need to have members hosting and speaking to the cause, the fun we have and the things we support.  We will have fliers made for the event as well.

For the trailblazers fundraiser we are looking to do a BBQ on Saturday and a run on Sunday.  We will be doing local trails such as Miller.  We would like to be able to avoid having to get permits so we would like to use Valley Cycle for this event as well but still in discussion stage.


New Business:

All American Powered car show May 12, 2012.  The show will be at The Crest Drive In - G&G Automotive will be sponsoring the jeep portion of the show.

May 25,2012 there will be the Sportsman show with a car show there as well.

Cal 4 Wheels giveaway jeep this year will be a sport model, mainly because of the donations and additions that go into it. 

Suggested that we have a forum so that we have a more user friendly site for posting upcoming runs and information.  It was stated that we had one before and it was not used. 

Cal 4 Wheel will have membership and support displays at all 4WP stores and are looking to the local clubs to assist with keeping the information stocked and kept up.

Convention and Sportsman show are the same weekend this year.

Cal 4 Wheel is looking into a mobile app this year, slow but looking.

By law changes were reviewed and voted on.  It was decided that the way the changes were currently worded is not what we were looking to support as a club.


Upcoming Runs

Gene and Jeri will be in Calico for Mother’s Day, so others are welcome if you want to get together for a run.

Please ensure that we are utilizing our resources and writing to save our trails!

Stewards of the Sequoias - BLM rules.  Chris is trying to get on this committee so that we have a voice.  He would like for the club to send a letter to the forestry in support of him.  It was voted and passed that we should.

New District Ranger Kevin Elliot - Jon A. met him and he seems to be flexible and will willing to work with us.  Currently there are fixed date closures instead of closures and openings being based on weather.  Jon asked it would be possible to go in and do trail-work during the closure since the weather is good and it might happen.

February trip of the month seemed to be all about KOH.

Discussions were had about the possibility of organizing a club run to Panamint - Chriswick Camp.  There is really some overgrowth around Chriswick and Surprise and there was some discussion as to where the posted no zones are.

50th Annual Tierra Del Sol, camping near the Old Track Haven 25 or so Scouts will be in the area.  March 3-5

Truck Haven was stated to be a “bucket list kind of run”.

Meeting Adjourned:



MARCH  7th

Call to Order: 7:38 p.m.President Richard Gauthier conducted the meeting


Welcome New Guests:

Brendan Rome ’98 Wrangler


Trip Reports:

Mike K at TDS last weekend.  Saw Mike C and Gena as well as Matt W.   Sold a bunch of girl scout cookies.  Took about 5.5 hours to get there.  Lots of enforcement out.  Checking coolers, lighting people up leaving the raffle.  At the raffle they were no longer burning tickets of those not present quite so fast, there was lots of time in between.  They were looking to raise money for the obstacle course there but no one could use it as they had set up the firework launch area there.  Great weather, great wheeling.


Matt W. - KOH, camping, had a ball.  Plenty to get into.  Perfect weather.  Matt watched the race Sunday but missed Friday.  Richard broke cam in on new motor Monday, did not drive car at all till Thursday.  Got it out there and did one round of shock tuning done, broke drive line in on Friday night did shock tuning again then broke another drive line.  It kept binding up (something with the shackles).   Very cool vendors out at KOH, off-road warehouse had a store as well as 4WP, both were very well equipped.  4WP did sell out of every Spicer part they had.   They did two trips a day from Compton to re-stock.  Starting to call KOH the burning man of offroading.  There was a jumbo-tron in the main camp.  There were 3 manned cameras and several static cameras on the course streaming live on the web as well as into camp.  Richard did get to race eventually after a 15 minute delay at the starting line due to an alternator problem.  By mile 28 they had made up some time and had passed about half the field when they ended up with spline issues and a bent axel housing.  At this point their main goal was to just finish the race.  They made it to about mile 50 and had a flat, looked at the axel which was way more than a little bent so they went back to camp.  They tried to take the rig out a little later to do some spectating but it would not move so good call on heading back to camp.


Justin B did a snow run with some of the infectious crew up to Rancheria, found some snow right there on the road but no major obstacles.

Approval of Meeting Minutes.  - Mike motioned to approve and Jon seconded the motion.  Minutes approved.

Treasurers Report: Jan and Feb $1,715.53 beginning balance and $1065.01 ending balance.  There was $65 collected from the raffle at the meeting as well.

Old & New Business:

T-Shirts - expected pay was the night of the meeting.  Eileen was going to reach out to those who had placed orders and not paid yet via phone.  The order was expected to be placed in March.

Land Use and Support Rally April 21st 10am at Valley Cycle.  We are serving lunch.  Purpose of the rally is to expose people to what we are all about and who we are.  There will be people speaking about their clubs or group as well as how we use the land and the support we need.  Kevin McCarthy will be there as well.  In

30 years time we will have lost 75% of Souther California desert acreage use.  We need to all be there to show support and BRING YOUR RIG.

Annual Fundraiser set for October 13th.  NOR Norris Rd Veterans Hall for BBQ and Raffle.  October 14 will be the runs.  The actual runs are still being decided on.

Start collecting and buying things now for the raffle.  Goal is to earn $8,000 to $10,000.

Ken - CPR training, those who participated previously the certifications are expired.  Mike C. volunteered to review the kit.  Jim volunteered to cntact Red Cross regarding CPR.

The Bakersfield Trailblazers web site has a link to our new forum.  Please log in and introduce yourself.  This is a perfect vehicle for communicating to other members as well as putting together runs.

Convention Report

Randy reported:

Budget in red.  Membership is down.  Reminder to go in to BLM and comment regarding trails.  Jawbone has a new building and it should be open now.  Sage Grouse is the newest “save the bird” campaign.  All of the proposed by-laws did not pass.  There has been a committee put together to possibly add Nevada to Cal4Wheel., trying to work out the details on what that would look like.  Raffle Jeep for the upcoming year is a 4 door Sport model.  There has also been a trailer donated for the raffle.  There were approximately 71 delegates present.

Upcoming Runs:

Calico?  Possible run of the month.  Also tossed the idea of a “work run” to freeway ridge.

Last Chance Canyon March 31st.  Meet at the Taco Bell @ 58 and Weedpatch 7:00am, leave by 7:30am.

Make a Wish Foundation Car Show weekend of March 9th.


Meeting Adjourned:



Call to Order: 7:47 p.m.President Richard Gauthier conducted the meeting

Welcome New Guests:

Steve - VP of Cal 4 Wheel

Run Reports:

Richard G and Matt W out with the Scouts.

Approval of Meeting Minutes.  - Joe motioned and club overall approved.

Treasurers Report: Jan and Feb $2,763.01 beginning balance and $2,491.13 ending balance.  T-Shirts not cleared yet.  Flags will be for sale for $15.  Decals need to be brought in so that they can be sold.  $550 has been put toward the hall for the annual fundraiser, $200 deposit will come back to the club.  The annual dues collected is applied as $20 to the club and the remainder for Cal 4 Wheel.

Old & New Business:Rally @ Valley Cycle.  “If you did not like Kevin MacCarthy before you should love him now.”  Crowd that was there was great, the parking was the big challenge for the event.  Would have been nice to see a few more people.  New coverage was there and Lois Henry did a great article in the paper the day before.  KUZZ spoke about the event on Monday, nice piece.  The thought is to try and make the rally an annual event.  We would like to ensure that off-roader have a voice and to have the opportunity to educate the public on what we do and what is being taken from all of us.

October Event/Raffle - need to get to planning.  Planning meetings will be the last Wednesday of the month at Coco’s at 7:00pm.

Central District Meeting

New obstacles at Hungry Valley.  Molina Run is Mothers Day weekend.  72  rigs pre-registered.  Convention 2014 will be in Visalia.  2013 will be in the Sacramento area.  Cal 4 Wheel had $9,800 given to the Cal Motorized Vehicle Council.  The MudDucks were the newest club inducted to Cal 4 Wheel.  They are looking for techs for the Hi Desert Roundup.

Steve spoke regarding membership dues and that one of the things that the dues go toward is the Jack Edwards fund.  Johnson Valley is still questionable on if it will remain open, we need support and letters to congress.  All information is available on the website as well as In Gear Magazine, please contact the elected officials if you have questions or comments.  Overall Cal 4 Wheel is looking to use the monies collected as judiciously as possible and works hard not to be tied to causes that will just lose money, they are “choosing their battles wisely”.


Jon Aichele - Member at large

Eileen Sanders - Treasurer

Matt Woodfin - District Representative

Sherry Bell - Secretary

Doug Hawley - Vice President

Richard Gauthier - President

Motion to approve Eileen, Matt seconded.

Upcoming Runs

Calico Armed Forces run, 5/19

Hi - Desert Round Up, Memorial Day

Miller Lockwood


Meeting Adjourned: