Bakersfield Trailblazers Meeting Minutes


Date: May 1, 2013

Place: Rocket Shop Cafe

Meeting Called to Order By: Richard Gauthier

At: 7:36


Guests and Visitors:

Trip Reports: Jeremy & Jim & one from Point Mugu, opened Miller-Lockwood, took out 31 trees.

Cliff reported on the Off Road race @ Ridgecrest fascinating. Several reported on Burn Survivor Camp run. Wasn’t really off road, but the campers & families had fun.

Richard & Robert & others went to Ridgecrest. Plugged a lot of tires.

Minutes of Previous Meeting: Approved

Treasurers Report:

        Beginning Balance: 2154.15


        Expenditures: 595 NOR Veteran’s Hall

        Ending Balance: 1564. +

Old Business: Work party @ Wayne’s was a bust.

Requests for donations in the mail. Fundraiser set for Oct 19, Have 2 donations in already. Meet May 15 @ 7pm @ Coco’s. Joe brought up that we may need to keep some money back to use for other causes. Discussed Johnson Valley, ORBA made a big change in the way things are being looked at in Congress. Best thing was the money donated by Off-Road business that are paying a lobby group. Joe brought up the Surprise Canyon debacle. Moved & seconded that money from raffle go to Stewards of the Sequoia. Other charities may be donated to from club funds and other income.

New Business: Elections: Mike Kunz as President.

Doug Hawley as Vice President

Jim Johnston Secretary, Richard Kemp Treasurer.

Matt Woodfin Cal 4Wheel Rep, Jon Aichele Member at Large.

Signs for Trails, need materials. Jim will make, Robert will help

Upcoming Trips: Sherman Opening May 11 Meet 7am Mesa Marin Chevron, Leave 7:30,

May 18-19 Armed Forces Day @ Calico

Upcoming Events: Going away party for Randy & Sandy and Gene and Jeri May 19, @ 1 @ the Worley’s

May 11-12 Air Show @ Minter Field

Adjourned at: 8:32




Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Rocket Shop Cafe

Meeting Called to Order By: Richard Gauthier  At: 7:40


Guests and Visitors: None

Trip Reports: Robert & 7 went to Calico. Jeremy went to BC 109 above Miller. Meet & Greet at G&G was well attended.

Minutes of Previous Meeting: Read

Treasurers Report:   Beginning Balance: 2154.15      Income:                   Expenditures: 16.        Ending Balance: 2138.15

Old Business: Need to open Paypal account for online payments, Order business cards. Jeremy will do both. Have t-shirts/ sweatshirts available. There are two Facebook accounts, one is a closed group that is non-functional, please Like or Comment or Share posts to keep receiving notices.

Fundraiser will be confirmed this month. Next committee meeting Apr 24th @ 1900, envelope stuffing.

New Business: Nominating Committee for elections next month: Richard Gauthier, Eileen Sanders

Upcoming Trips: Run to open Lockwood April 13, Meet @ McDonalds on White Lane. 0730 meet, depart 0800.

FS offering a chainsaw class and we have 2 slots.

April 27: Burn camp meet @ Mesa Marin Chevron @ 0700 leave 0730. Need to be at Camp Frany by 0900.


Upcoming Events: April 9 0900, Work party @ Wayne’s

Adjourned at: 8:36

Date: 3/6/2013

Place: Rocket Shop Cafe

Meeting Called to Order By: Richard       

At: 7:45

Guests and Visitors: Jeff Doddard, F150; Ethan, CJ5

Trip Reports:

          Mike K. - King of the Hammers. Weather was good, race was good, extensive background and play-by-play by Richard.

          Tierra del Sol - Mike did the whole trail for the first time. Dust was OK at Truckhaven

          Club run to Mesquite Canyon on Feb 16, 8 rigs went, very easy road trail, great weather. Visited Bickel Camp and Schmidt Mine. Explored to the NE until we came back to the Randsburg Road.

          Club snow run up Piute Mountain Road on Feb 23, many rigs with friends from Infectious and 4X4 Him. Great weather, barely enough snow. Easy trip up the hill and back down. Kids and dogs had a superlative time.

Minutes of Previous Meeting: Not available

Treasurers Report:

          Beginning Balance:



          Ending Balance: $2150

Old Business: None

New Business:

          KCFD Burn Camp: April 27 we will give rides to campers. Meet @ Mesa Marin Chevron @ 7:30 Leave @ 8:00

          October Fundraiser tentatively scheduled for Oct 19 at the same place: North of The River Veteran's Hall. Mike volunteered to update the brochure, Jeremy to do the Raffle, Elaine & Geri to check on the facility. First committee meeting March 28 @ Coco's on Rosedale. Anyone interested is invited.

Upcoming Trips: None planned.

Upcoming Events: Meet & Greet @ G & G Auto on Mar. 26 @ 6 pm.

Adjourned at: 8:41